We manufacture our boots exclusively on demand, which reduces waste and enables us to employ a more environmentally friendly production process.
Orders are opened throughout the year at various periods. After you place your order the production process might take between 3 - 4 months until orders are dispatched by DHL to the destination country (Remember it is a handmade process that is why it takes time).

Enjoying them will be the final stage!

Our Philosophy

By people for people

People with passion for what they do, for people with passion for what we do

In house - Handmade

We are glad that 90% of the entire process is made in house, which allow us to constantly innovate and enhance our 100% handmade process.


We guarantee a sustainable production process by using every last bit of leather, minimizing waste that ends up on the boots as well.


I'm impressed with quality and feel of the boot. Built like a tank. I feel this is probably the most supporting shoe I have.

- S.C.

The leather is so beautiful and thick, and wearing these boots makes me feel like a warrior. The craftsmanship is unbelievably good.

- Spiros

The boots were comfortable from the start. The thick leather used on these boots is stiff initially and softens with use.

- John

In terms of fit, they are the same size as my iron rangers But comfortable right out of the box. They are beautiful quality & solid.

- Johnny

These boots have some the most beautiful craftsmanship I have ever seen. All I know I can say these won’t be my last pair boots.

- David

Hands down my best chelsea boots in my collection so far. Hand made with care each and every step of construction.

- Carlo


We are a couple with passion for boots, our history began 4 years ago when we started manufacturing GYW shoes in europe, but when covid-19 arrives, made us realize that the passion we had should be apply by us in our country. Making products with love and hearing the customers feedbacks to reduce the mass production process.
One of our goals is to be as durable as our boots.

Growing our Community

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