This project started fours years ago. The main idea was to address the lack of suitable footwear in our Colombian market by offering potential customers an excellent quality product at prices that were fully accessible to the target market.

It wasn't easy at first, but we gradually made our way into this wonderful world. Customers begin to recognize and understand why our shoes were manufactured in that specific technique, as well as why we chose the type of leather for the type of shoes they were purchasing.

We decided to move our production to Colombia due to the Covid-19 and the European crisis, so we began designing our 100 percent made in Colombia collection. We don't want to stick with the traditional business model; we want to do things differently. We want to do more for the environment and, of course, the Artisans' working conditions by creating hard-wear stitch down boots that are only made to order.

Our primary goals should be to protect the environment, our artisans, and our customers, so we want to reduce overpriced stock items and the retail business model at every stage of the manufacturing process. That's why we started buying the raw materials directly from the suppliers, from the leathers to the threads, lowering the over-cost of the production chain and lowering the retail cost to the final customer, who gets a pretty fresh pair of boots directly from the factory.