Tukano Boots

This collection is 100% made in Colombia with the best standards of craftsmanship, hand-lasted and handcrafted for highly experienced artisans, combined with a super eco-friendly production, avoid raw material waste and overstock products that make a perfect and high-quality boot to enjoy at every single moment. 

Many families depend strictly on our artisan's work, and we value every minute of their time and experience reflected in each Decimeter of our boots. In addition to this, we want to continue avoiding retail throughout the production chain because we are direct buyers of all our raw materials, from leather to threads, thus avoiding rising production costs. It is also crucial for us to reduce the waste of raw material, so we are focused on the fact that this collection should be craft strictly to order, avoiding a store stock that raises the cost of the product. With this pre-order process, you will be getting a pretty fresh pair of boots.