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Tukano Boots

This collection is made entirely in Colombia with the highest standards of craftsmanship, hand-lasted and handcrafted by highly experienced artisans, combined with a super eco-friendly production to avoid raw material waste and overstock products, resulting in a perfect and high-quality boot to enjoy at all times.

Many families rely solely on the work of our artisans, and we value every minute of their time and experience, which is reflected in every Decimeter of our boots. Furthermore, we want to avoid retail throughout the production chain because we are direct buyers of all our raw materials, from leather to threads, avoiding rising production costs. It is also essential for us to reduce raw material waste, so we are focused on the fact that this collection should be crafted strictly to order, avoiding store stock, which raises the product's price. As a result of this order process, you will receive a fresh new pair of boots.  


As you know, we enjoy hearing from our customers, and we always are looking for ways to improve. As a result, there will be four novelties or updates in this third batch, ( Commando sole update, New tannery partnership, Prices update, Construction update); if you want to learn more about them, click here.