This brand-new collection of boots is 100% made in Colombia, but we have our regular stock made in Spain and Portugal.

come from Vibram. The Insole, Midsole, and Heel block leather come from the best vegetable-tanned tannery in Colombia.

Yes, they are fully resoleable; the first batch was made with double sole Blake stitch construction, which means that once you want to repair the boots, you have to replace the outsole without touching the leather midsole and the inner part of the boots. The second batch production is made with Stitch down double sole construction, the cobbler will remove the outer sole, and that's it.

Due to the lack of a GYW (Goodyear Welted Machinery), we used double sole fully resoleable Blake stitch construction on the first batch. For the second batch, we listen to our customers. We update the construction to a double sole fully resoleable Stitch down construction, which means a much better long-lasting construction method.

Yes, all our shoes have a cork footbed between the insole and the midsole. It is crucial to keep your feet warm and dry; it helps prevent moisture into the shoe, and with time, it will keep the footprint of your feet and make it more comfortable with every single wear.

Yes, we built our boots with high-quality standards and high-quality materials. We use a wax suede from one of the best gold-rated Italian tanneries; it is combined with rubber soles from one of the best soles factories, Vibram, making a perfect combination to use in wintertime. 

We take our customer's feedback seriously, that's why we decided to make some important changes; The first one and most important is the construction; we updated our construction method from Blake stitch to a stitch-down construction, making the boot much more waterproof and long-lasting. The second update is a modification on the last, specifically on the heel, giving you a better heel adjust and a better-looking silhouette.

Due to our small batch production capability, we take 7- weeks to produce our production batch, but do not worry, we will inform you of every single process of the boots, from the insole cutting up to the finishing. 

The second batch, it's made with Stitch down construction; we have the chance to avoid the extra footbed insole made with carbon activate foam, so we suggest you go true to size according to the usual boot size you use. For example, if you wear 40.5 EUR / 7.5 US, please choose 40.5 EUR / 7.5 US in our Tukano boots.

 It is pretty easy; as you know, our Tukano boots are crafted to order, avoiding raw material waste with a more eco-friendly production process. Thus we open a Pre-order from 19 of November to 30 of November. Once the pre-order closes, we will start our production process that will take 7-8 weeks. Once the production ends, we will begin our QC process, where we will inspect every detail of the boots. Finally, we will ship your boots via DHL express.

We usually do not offer (EE) width, but we can do it at the customer's request. You have to place your order and write the size +EE width requirement on the notes, or on the (Special instructions for the seller into the shopping cart) for example, (44.5 +EE).