A collection with purpose

A collection with purpose

One of Bordon's Value is to Keep the tradition with purpose, but more important to contribute in somehow to our planet. That is why we have been working on this collection for a loooonng time. You might think we are exaggerating, but believe us, now that we have this collection in front of us, you can't imagine how happy and delighted we are with it. 

This FIRST limited edition will have many components that will get you want to be part of it immediately. Let's start with SOME of the surprises we have for this Collection called Save the Ocean. 

1. The upper is a special leather, we thought that it should be different and premium. So we decided to use Charles F. Stead, specifically the Waxy Mohawk in Stone Smooth color. It is AMAZING, the texture is indescribable. The Mohawk is a "flesh-out" suede, tanned in order to highlight the natural vein marks on the reverse side of the skin. 

2. The lining was specifically made for us and it was LITERALLY design by us in honor of the theme of this collection. You for sure will not see anything similar in any other place. We are really proud, of being able to have it.

3. Sole: You might know that we always have the option to choose the type of sole, but on the limited edition we are having just one type of sole; which is the 430 (mini-lug) from our partner Vibram, a sole which will give you a casual yet rugged style with the capability to resist hard wear and suitable to use in most of the environments you can imagine, except of course fire. 

4. For us the more important surprise of this Collection is the contribution we want to do to the planet, in this case we want to reduce the plastic waste in the ocean, and more important to make us think about the use and damage of plastic bags. So for each pair that you buy, you are contributing to reduce 4 kg of plastic waste from the ocean.

5. This is our FIRST limited edition, but it wont be the last, and the special thing is that it would be limited to 80 pairs ONLY available in the three models we have already; Isidro's Chelsea, Wanes service boot and Tukano V2.0 military boot. So don't hesitate to buy one for you as there will not be more pairs of this special collection in the future. 

Lastly but not least, the price will be a little bit higher than usual due to the premium materials we are using and it would be exclusively for one time. It would worth it for sure. 

These were just some of the surprises we have, as we want you to continue getting surprise once you received them, so we will keep some of them for us and for all the people that will join this amazing collection.

Be part of this collection with purpose


Thanks Mr. Gary for your support :)

Mr. Carlos, that is correct, this limited edition will be available in the 3 references we have; the Isidro chelsea, Tukano and Wanes.

Bordon Handmade Boots

So are you making this boot in the Isidro Chelsea?..

Carlos Huante

I’m very much looking forward to seeing your new collection of these boots and your decision to do what you can to help our oceans.
Every little bit helps 🙂.

Gary Howe

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