New upgrades - Tukano V2.0

New upgrades - Tukano V2.0

We always love to hear our customers feedback and advice in order to improve our quality and boots, so In the past 6 months we’ve been working on some upgrades to our current Tukano model due to many customers requests, so finally we decide to go ahead to satisfy the taste of many boot lovers and boot nerds which think that our boot will look better and much more versatile, of course taking care that the changes will not disturb the whole model itself.

 So here they are some of the main upgrades we did.

  1. Gusseted tongue
  2. Real cap-toe
  3. Quarters forward to reduce snugness

 Second one in terms of design and utility

  1. The new pull tab design reduces the height and makes it easy to put your fingers in
  2. Additional stitching was added to the upper to reinforce it and give it a better look.

Also, the new Tukano will be launched in the brand new oiled latigo tan from Wicket and Craig in 5-6 oz leather, which gives them additional robustness and makes the leather looks beautiful.

 If you didn't know, our boots are 100% handmade. Here is the boot construction.

From the bottom:

  1. Handmade leather heel counter
  2. 5 mm Hand shaped leather insoles
  3. Steel Shank
  4. Leather shank
  5. Thick leather midsole
  6. Itshide Studded and Commando rubber soles / Vibram
  7. Leather heel block
  8. Double row Stich down

 On the uppers:

We only source leather from the best tanneries in the market, so we work with Wicket and Craig, Maryam, (not anymore), and our gold-rated Italian tannery, who makes our famous Waxed suede exclusively for us, we continue working close with some big name tanneries to get some small amount of leather to add to our collection.

The Isidro Chelsea boot also get some upper upgrades, mainly we add some stitches to reinforce the junctions of the uppers on the sides and backs.

The second batch of the year will be available on May 9th so please stay tuned.

Thank you all for the support.



Please research Dr soles Jade green soles from tapei they are so beautiful. Theyre cork rubber soles are also so beautfiul the colour ranges they offer are amazing!

Jeremy Mills

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