A review from an expert view

A review from an expert view

When you launch a brand, you always want to be in the big leagues. The first thing we did after changing our business model and beginning to comprehend the world of boots was to get in touch with people we thought would provide a frank evaluation. (I don't know whether you've started any projects, but whenever you do, you always assume that everyone will say yes, which is completely untrue.)

Nick English, founder of Stridewise, was one of those people that we got in touch with. It took us too much time before one of the most well-known boot reviewers and boot enthusiasts gave us the chance to try one of our boots, at least the chance to make an unboxing, but it was not easy at all, especially when this kind of person has huge, to say, tons of high-end brand requests around the globe asking for his review, which makes the journey even more complicated.

We were startled as to why he began, and one particular line struck our attention: "There are a lot of subtle differences between boys and men, but a well-put-together outfit with a sturdy pair of boots is one of the clearest signs that a guy cares how he is perceived by the world." It's incredible how true this phrase is. Many women take care of their shoes, their hair, and their outfits, but you know that a man takes care of him when you look at his boots.

When we started producing our boots, we said that it takes time, but good things are always worth the wait, and that happened with Nick and Bordon handmade boots. It took time before he gave us the chance to try our pair of boots, but it was totally worth the wait. It was such an honor that he tried our boots.

I said that it was worth the wait because such an expert named his article Bordon Colombia Boot Review | $700 Boots That Cost $350, because he really got our know-how and understood that we were producing a product that could easily be charged at $700.

Nick noted the attention to detail, and some of the pros that he found in Bordon Handmade boots were:

  • Solid, highly skilled construction
  • high-quality leather, emphasizing American veg tan
  • Affordably priced
  • Resoleable
  • eco-friendly company
  • Two sole options are available
  • Well designed for form and function

Nick (Stridewise)  gave a try to our iconic Tukano in Black Version 1. One of his thoughts was: "They’re very sturdy built, but not overbuilt in the Pacific Northwest tradition like models from Nicks and Whites, so they’ve made a really nice balance for guys that want super sturdy footwear, highly skilled construction like this stitchdown construction, and really hardy vegetable-tanned American leather, but don’t want to look like they’re cosplaying as lumberjacks. "

As you know, we are always improving, and that's what we did with our iconic Tukano. We made some improvements, and we launched Version 2. which includes some of the following improvements:

  1. Gusseted tongue
  2. Real cap-toe
  3. Quarters forward to reduce snugness
  4. New pull-tab design
  5. New 100% fully in-house production

Just to conclude, we have had the honor that many boot experts gave Bordon handmade boots a try, and we also want to thank all of them for their feedback and all that they have said we took into consideration for improvement. You can check out the complete review of Nick or the video from Dale or Teik, just to mention a few of the huge support we have received. It's important to mention that they have done an honest review.


Boots reviews < I tend to do my own homework yes it may include watching reviews from “invested” boot reviewers meaning those that got a FREE pair, but I rather see those reviews from people NOT compensated. Being I wear a large/wide size is the first things I look for, would a boot company understand business and not just make “D” width boots because as I was preached at from a well known Japanese boot builder, over 90% of the people wear that size we can’t please everyone. WHO would say that to a customer; someone “full of themselves” and not very humble. Materials and quality are what sells me, then customer service and availability, and delivery lead times, and then the MTO process, and last Excellent communication with the boot builder/craftsman. these all have to fit in the boot. looks, resoleable, price, of course also. I did my homework here on Bordon, no communication yet (we’ll see) but all of the above clicked so far. Let’s hope the wait isn’t quite as long as stated but again we’ll see. limited drops on MTO means specialized service, we’ll see. (Tukano Natural size 13 EEE) ..

Terry Olson aka Elcazador 2024 IG

Nick really pointed me in your direction and both bootlosophy and Dale’s leatherwork chimed in in singing your praises. Now, I’m just waiting for you to take orders again!

Robert Sandgren

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