This project was born two and a half years ago. The main idea was to cover the lack of suitable footwear in our Colombian market (especially Goodyear welted) to mainly offer to the potential people an excellent quality product at prices fully accessible to the target market.

In the beginning, it was not easy, but we made our way into this beautiful world step by step. Customers start to recognize and learn why our shoes were manufactured in that way and why we choose this type of leather for the type of shoes they are buying.

After months and months of hard work to get more brand awareness, we became recognized as a genuinely influential high-quality local shoe brand. Customers who bought Carmina, Santoni, Crocket, and jones came to us when they saw that we could offer them a product of similar features but with a lower price range.

Due to the Covid-19 plus the crisis in Europe  we decided to move our production to our country, so we started designing our 100% made in Colombia collection. With this, we do not want to continue with the traditional business model; we want to do it differently. We want to contribute more to the environment and, of course, to the Artisans' work conditions.

Our primary goals should be the environment, our artisans, and our customers, so we want to reduce the overpriced stock items and the retail business model in every step of the production chain. That's why we started to buy directly to the suppliers the whole raw materials, from the leathers, to the threads, reducing the over-cost of the production chain and reducing the retail cost to the final customer, getting a pretty fresh pair of boots directly from the factory.